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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How many other residents train at Saint Joseph's?
The Saint Joseph’s Family Medicine Residency Program is the only primary care residency and works closely with all parts of the medical center. Saint Joseph’s does have a small Podiatry Residency program specializing in surgery of the foot and ankle. 

How large is the residency program?
Our three year residency program consists of 10 residents in each year for a total of 30 residents.

What compensation can I expect as a resident?
Each Resident is considered a full-time employee of Saint Joseph’s Medical Center, therefore eligible for all associated benefits. Resident salaries for the 2016-2017 year are:

     PGY I               $48,397.46
     PGY II              $54,940.34
     PGY III             $60,081.84

What benefits are offered to residents? 
All residents are eligible to receive health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, long term disability and pension benefits as elected. In addition, all residents are provided with a two-week orientation that includes PALS and ACLS certification training. 

How much time off do residents receive?
Residents receive four weeks (20 days) of paid vacation, 8 designated holidays and 2 floating holidays, and three conference days per year.  

Is there a meal allowance for residents?
Residents are annually provided with $450 of meal tickets for use in the hospital cafeteria.

What about parking for residents?
More than sufficient parking is available directly across from the hospital in the Saint Joseph’s parking garage. The cost is $1/day or $20/month and may be deducted from your pay. 

Who is responsible for my malpractice insurance?
Saint Joseph’s Medical Center provides the malpractice insurance required for residents to complete their training. 

Is there an allowance for conference days?
Yes, each resident is provided with 3 conference days annually. In addition, each resident is entitled to a $250 allowance for purchase of study aids or conference attendance.  

What about lab coats and scrubs?
Both scrubs and lab coats are distributed annually for each resident. Additional lab coats are available for a fee. 

Is life insurance part of the benefits package?
Yes, as an employee, you will receive life insurance that is equal to one times your salary.

Does Family and Medical Leave apply to residents?
Yes, when emergencies occur, and you need time to attend to loved ones, Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) will allow for up to 12 weeks of time off without loss of benefits or seniority. 

Is there a retirement plan offered to residents?
Resident may choose to participate in a 403B contributory retirement plan. 

What other benefits are available?

  • Direct Deposit of your pay is available.
  • Membership in Credit Union.
  • Tax Sheltered Annuities.
  • Flexible Benefit Plans
  • Dependent Care Reimbursement Account
  • Transportation Reimbursement Account
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Tuition Reimbursement

Are there any study resources available?

All residents are provided with free access to the New York Medical College Library. Annual membership in both ABFM and AAFP is provided by the program for each resident throughout their residency. Free access to UPTODATE and DYNAMED is provided. Weekly Board Review conferences are held by Faculty using the most current AAFP Q Bank. 

What if I get hurt on the job?

Should you be injured while performing your job, you will have coverage for the job and income protection under the Hospital's Worker's Compensation policy 

What if I become disabled?

In the event you become disabled, St. Joseph’s will provide both short and long terms disability insurance. 

Are there any voluntary programs available to employees at reduced fees?

Yes, Supplemental Short and Long term disability income protection is available for purchase, as is extra Life Insurance. Employees are eligible for discount rates through payroll deduction at various health clubs and discounted movie tickets.  

What scholarly activities are available?

All residents are required to develop and implement a scholarly activity that may include a performance improvement project or study during their time in the program. This may be done in collaboration with colleagues /faculty and is reviewed by the SJMC Institutional Review Broad (IRB).  Residents are given the opportunity to present their work at the NYMC Family and Community Medicine Research Day and in various other forums. 

What is life like outside of residency?

The City of Yonkers is rich with diverse cultures and many fine dining options. Yonkers is located in Westchester County, which is home to many recreational parks great for hiking, biking, kayaking, sailing or even just a relaxing day spent enjoying nature.  There are many historical attractions, amusement parks, and seasonal activities for the whole family to enjoy. Not to mention Yonkers is just minutes north of NYC. 

Are residents permitted to moonlight?

While SJMC does not necessarily have moonlighting opportunities to offer residents, the program will allow “licensed PGY 2/3 residents” to moonlight after obtaining approval from the Program Director.