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Class of 2019

Ani Berberyan

Ani Berberyan, M.D.
Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

Born and raised in Armenia, Ani grew up watching doctors in her home town travel from home to home treating patients who could not travel to the hospital and it was this scene that ignited her passion and respect for family medicine. After coming to America to attend college, Ani graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics. While attending medical school, she was published in a peer review journal investigating the effects of grapefruit juice as an Opioid withdrawal treatment. Ani speaks fluent Armenian, English and Russian. She enjoys tennis, bicycling, hiking, art, and reading.


Andrew Caronia, M.D.
Medical School: State University of New York Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine

Andrew started off with a background in the culinary arts. His education led him to Italy where he learned how interconnected food and health can be. This experience changed his outlook on life and consequently shifted his career path from culinary to nutrition. When he returned to the states he decided to pursue a degree in nutrition, but did not stop there and pursed a degree in medicine. He also completed research while at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and co-authored an article investigating the prevalence of diabetes in South-Asian communities. Andrew can converse in Italian and Spanish/Spanish Creole. He still has a passion for cooking, martial arts, Zen meditation, hiking, fishing, camping and reading.


Pamela Chacha, M.D.
Medical School: American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine

Pamela graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a minor in African and African American Studies from the University of California. She worked as a research assistant and created a method of purifying starch from various tomato fruit species.  After graduating from medical school, Pamela traveled to Tanzania to volunteer with the non-profit organization African Immigrants Social and Cultural Services at Shirati Hospital in the rural Mara Region. During this time, she provided health care services for many patients in rural communities and focused on educating the community about malaria, HIV/AIDS and safe sex practices. She aims to use her experiences to provide a more well-rounded approach for her patients. Pamela is able to speak Swahili and her hobbies are singing, reading, playing basketball, volunteering, traveling and cooking.

Aditi Dhar, PGY-1

Aditi Dhar, M.D.
Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

During her time in medical school, Aditi led a student-run free clinic that provided care to the native Carib community in Dominica. After gaining an understanding of the culture and the cause of the high rate of obesity, she used that information to create an obesity awareness and nutrition day. Aditi is fluent in Bengali as well as English and can converse very comfortably in Hindi. She enjoys cooking, kickboxing and hiking.


Kumari Godigamuwa, M.D.
Medical School: Latvijas Universitates Medicinas Fakultate

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Kumari began her medical career volunteering at locations that tested her in many ways. She started at the World Health Organization (WHO) and was placed in the war torn city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where she was part of a Mass Measles Vaccination Campaign. Kumari then dedicated some of her time volunteering at a military hospital where she provided medical care for displaced civilians affect by war; she organized medical camps, school supplies, safe drinking water and vegetable seeds for the residents of Miracle Camp in Sri Lanka. Her passion for healing and helping underprivileged only grew from there. In Kenya, she worked with the Elimu Community Kilifi to raise funds and school supplies for children. Her time in each of these setting has helped her become a balanced physician in Family Medicine. Kumari enjoys Kandian Dancing, reading, gardening and traveling.

Sandraliz Hernandez-Banchs, PGY-1

Sandraliz Hernandez-Banchs, M.D.
Medical School: Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) School of Medicine

Sandraliz studied medicine in the Dominican Republic where she devoted some of her time to the Ministry of Public Health in the Dominican Republic. She educated teachers and children in preventive medicine and living a healthier lifestyle. She is fluent in Spanish/Spanish Creole and advanced in English. She enjoys soccer, track and field, weights as well as singing, salsa dancing, reading and traveling.


Jean-Carlos Jimenez, M.D.
Medical School: Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) School of Medicine

Jean-Carlos (also known as J.C.) was working in the Dominican Republic when the 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti in 2010. As an intern he contributed to the medical relief donation efforts which helped to build a temporary medical center to treat the wounded. He provided care to the people of Haiti as quickly and efficiently as possible. This experience has only amplified his passion in the medical field. After this experience J.C. came to the Unites States to join a research project. As a clinical research assistant at both Suncoast Research Group and at the University of Miami he used his analytic and research skills to contribute several peer reviewed articles for publication.  As a resident at Jackson Memorial Hospital, J.C. was part of publication that investigated fast access to the common bile duct during endoscopic retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography. He is fluent in Spanish/Spanish Creole and he has a passion for cooking and giving back to his community.

Catalina Niculae, PGY-1

Catalina Niculae, M.D.
Medical School: Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie Iuliu Hatieganu

 Born and raised in Romania, Catalina hails from a family full of medical doctors. During her time in medical school, Catalina researched several topics and was published in several peer reviewed journals. After medical school she started her residency program in Bucharest, Romania but shortly moved to America. She volunteered at the Naples Community Hospital in Florida, to gain a better understanding of the American health care system. To expand her education in medicine, Catalina traveled to Meaux Meaux,  France to volunteer at the Centre hospitalier. Her experience from various regions around the world has only strengthened her passion for family medicine. She is fluent in Romanian and English and can converse well in Spanish/Spanish Creole as well as French. She enjoys yoga, ballet, reading and hiking.


Olga Rao, M.D.
Medical School: Katsturba Medical College Manipal

During Olga’s tenure in medical school, she provided prenatal care to an expecting mother that lived five hours away from the closest care facility; provided health screening to children and adults; and vaccinations to children and elders.  After receiving her degree, Olga spent some time as a researcher at Maimonides Medical Center, investigating the effects of electrophysiology, reviewed comparing outcomes of radiofrequency and convergent hybrid ablation procedures in the treatment of long –standing persistent atrial fibrillation. She can speak Spanish/Spanish Creole and basic Hindi. She takes delight in indoor rock climbing, playing the piano, hiking, and teaching her pets tricks.


Julio Cesar Romero, M.D., Chief Resident
Medical School: Universidad Autónoma de Baja California , Facultad de Medicina y Psicologia, Tijuana

Julio grew up in the multicultural Southern California-Mexico border. He went to school in both Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, CA, eventually earning his medical degree from the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California in Mexico. After finishing medical school, Julio completed a year-long social service commitment dedicated to an underserved population in a rural community of San Quintin, Mexico. While there he completed numerous consultations for prenatal care, pediatric care and chronic disease control to patients who had limited access to any type of medical or preventive care. During his social service, he realized his love for Family Medicine and giving back to this underserved community.  After completing his commitment, he returned to the United States to further his research and clinical training. Prior to start the Family Medicine Residency Program at St. Joseph’s, Julio coordinated clinical trials focused on Diabetes Mellitus, Arthritis and Immunotherapy-targeted cancer treatments for multiple types of cancer. He is fluent in Spanish and fairly fluent in Portuguese. He enjoys surfing and mixed martial arts.