Outpatient Radiology

127 South Broadway
Yonkers, NY 10701
(914) 378-7683

Saint Joseph's Imaging Department features modern, high tech equipment including the latest in PACS and voice recognition with on-line results and image access to our physicians. The Department is staffed by experienced professionals, including Board Certified Radiologists, licensed technologists and registered nurses, who perform a variety of diagnostic and interventional procedures. Patients must have a prescription from a physician and should call in advance as some test require an appointment and pre-authorization from their insurance carrier. Courtesy transportation is available through the hospital.

Services provided include:

General X-rays
(914) 378-7683

Bone Density (DEXA)
(914) 378-7577

CAT Scan (64 slice scannerAmerican College of Radiology Accredited)
(914) 378-7577

MRI/MRA (American College of Radiology Accreditted)
(914) 378-7683

Mammography (low-dose and American College of Radiology accredited)
(914) 378-7683

Nuclear Medicine
(914) 378-7687

(914) 378-7688

Interventional Radiology
(914) 378-7683

Film Report Requests
(914) 378-7779

One of the top dialysis units in Westchester is on the ground floor of our nursing home.

St. Joseph's is a clean hospital with the latest equipment.

ER doctors review a patient x-ray.

Rehabilitation services are a core service we provide inside the hospital.

Saint Joseph's Medical Center
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