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Nursing Home


4 out 5 star rating from CMS

Saint Joseph’s Hospital Nursing Home/Sister Mary Linehan Pavilion includes not only skilled nursing care, but also a specialized Alzheimer’s unit, short-term rehabilitation, sub-acute care, renal dialysis, respite care and a variety of therapeutic activities for short- and long-term residents. The nursing home has a full-time medical director and on-site medical staff to meet the medical needs of its residents. The nursing home is physically connected to Saint Joseph’s Medical Center for immediate access to all of the resources of an acute care facility.

The nursing home offers a busy activities schedule to stimulate socialization and cognitive functioning. Students from a variety of schools visit throughout the year. 

Alzheimer’s & Related Disorders

Residents of our special 40-bed Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Unit benefit from a program of activities and occupational therapies to maintain awareness and physical ability. With the support of the staff, we strive to provide Alzheimer’s sufferers with a pleasant, supportive environment.

Geriatric Medical Services

Primary medical care for our residents is provided by a full-time medical staff, which includes physicians who are board certified in family, geriatric and internal medicine. In addition, we offer on-site Dental, Podiatry, Laboratory, Pharmacy, X-ray and Ophthalmology services. Other services offered at the Nursing Home include restorative therapies; physical, occupational and speech/language therapies, infusion services, including, but not limited to: TPN, PPN, ABT; Renal: Peritoneal Dialysis; Respiratory/Pulmonary; C-Pap, Bipap, Tarnstracheal Care, Trach Care/Decannulation; Terminal Care: Hospice, Palliative Care; Wound Care: Pressure Sores, Pin-site Care. Residents also have access to the comprehensive resources of Saint Joseph’s Hospital, located next door, including Emergency Care. 

Nutritional Services

Our dietary service provides each resident with a nourishing, tasty, and well-balanced diet that meets daily nutritional needs and is based on the resident’s diet prescription. Diets are tailored to meet the Recommended Daily Dietary Allowance set by the Food and Nutrition Board, the National Academy of Science and the National Research Council. A copy of our menu is posted on the bulletin board on each floor. An alternate selection is available for every entree and vegetable served.

A clinical dietitian is on duty daily, Monday through Friday. The dietitian evaluates the resident’s nutritional needs based on weight changes, appetite, meal satisfaction, and laboratory data. If a resident has nutritional problems, he/she is monitored closely.

Nutrition counseling is available and provided as needed. The dietitian often meets with the resident and/or family to better understand the resident’s needs and to achieve optimal nutritional care. Chewing capability, food likes and dislikes, food allergies, food/drug interactions and religion are taken into account in the delivery of care. We encourage self-reliance in feeding as this helps promote self-esteem.
As you can imagine, taking all these different and special needs into account and still providing food that is varied, nutritionally adequate and enjoyable for 200 residents is not an easy task! To maintain quality of life, we try our best to make our meals satisfying to our residents. We listen to our residents’ suggestions about the food and try to take them into account whenever possible. In order to insure our residents’ health, we request that you consult with the dietitian before bringing any food to the facility or sharing any food with our residents. We are also able to accommodate the dietary needs of those with religious restrictions.

Palliative Care

Hospice Care is an approach to caring for terminally ill individuals that stresses palliative care – relief of pain and uncomfortable symptoms – as opposed to curative care. In addition to meeting the patient’s medical needs, our Hospice Care Team addresses the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of the patient as well as the psychological needs of the patient’s family / care giver. The emphasis of the Hospice Care Program is on keeping the Hospice patient in the home / facility with family and friends as long as possible.

Recreational Therapy

Our dynamic recreation and creative arts therapy staff provide comprehensive therapeutic leisure time activities to facilitate the development and expression of a satisfying lifestyle. From crafts, creative writing, yoga, trips, pet therapy and aroma therapy to reminiscing about their lives, residents are encouraged to participate in meaningful and constructive activities.

Intergenerational programs

  • Art
  • Music
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Support groups 
  • Trips
  • Horticulture Exercise
  • Pet Therapy
  • Special Events


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Both short term rehabilitation patients and long term skilled nursing residents who have diminished mobility or ability to care for themselves after an illness or injury can often benefit from a comprehensive therapeutic program. Our highly qualified staff provides an extensive program of services to evaluate, treat and prevent disabilities and to optimize every patient’s physical, Developmental and psychological well being. 
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Swallowing disorders
  • Physiatry Consultation (doctor who specializes in rehabilitative medicine)
  • Acupuncture

Social Services

Our team of certified Social Workers is available to all residents for regular counseling and special-needs therapy. Recognizing that the emotional health of residents is as important as physical health, our Social Work staff facilitate various support groups and provide psychological services as needed.

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