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Class of 2018

Aung, Bawk PGY-2

Bawk Aung M.D.
Medical School: University of Mandalay

Bawk graduated with a Master’s degree in public health from Western Illinois University and is a member of Phi Beta Delta.  After Graduate school, she volunteered at the Myanmar American Medical Society of New York.  There she conducted screenings for obesity, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases for the community.  She can converse fluently in Burmese and English.  She enjoys playing the guitar, photography and traveling.


Kelly Dor, M.D.
Medical School: Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago Escuela de Medicina

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Kelly was an inquisitive child with and aptitude for biology, that and encouragement from friends and family, led to his interest in medicine. He pursued his medical degree in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and graduated with high honors. A few years after, Kelly moved to the United States and volunteered at a couple of hospitals in Florida. During this time, he performed physical exams, vaccinations when necessary and discussed course of treatment with the patients. He is now in his third year of residency at Saint Joseph’s Medical Center. He can communicate fluently in French/French Creole, Spanish/Spanish Creole and English. He enjoys documentaries, football, basketball and music.


Saroj Gyawali, M.D.
Medical School: Zhengzhou University Medical School

Prior to his residency, he worked as a physician in Kathmandu, Nepal. He can speak Nepali and English fluently and converse well in Hindi and Chinese. Next to mankind, Saroj loves nature and enjoys bungee jumping, horseback riding, swimming, skating and playing volleyball.


Fehmida Lakhi, M.D.
Medical School: Medical University of Silesia, School of Medicine in Katowice

At a young age Fehmida had been exposed to medicine due to attending her father’s doctor visits.  The relationship she witnessed between her father and his family physician influenced her to pursue a career in Family Medicine.  As a medical student, Fehmida encountered a patient that taught her to look a little deeper into the person and not see just another face in need of care.  After developing this bond with this patient, it ultimately benefited the patient and re-enforced her love for the field of Family Medicine. Fehmida can speak Gujarati, Hindi and Urdo fluently. She enjoys yoga and cooking. 

Joon Lee, PGY-2

Joon Lee, M.D.
Medical School: American University of Antigua College of Medicine

Joon graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Chemistry. Her passion for taking care of others led her to become a Family Medicine physician. Joon co-authored several peer reviewed articles during her time as a research coordinator at NYU Langone Medical Center. Prior to her time at NYU, she worked at Hana Healthcare as a medical assistant helping patients whom were going through rehabilitation. Her interactions with the patients led her to gain a better understanding of pain management. Joon speaks fluent Korean and enjoys hiking, playing the guitar and dancing.

Ayo Moses, PGY-2

Ayo Moses, M.D.
Medical School: American University of Antigua College of Medicine

Ayo began his career in the healthcare field as a Licensed Practical Nurse. The experiences he witnessed in that field led him to become a doctor. During his Family Medicine core rotation, he developed a passion for the field leading him to pursue a career as a family physician.  Ayo speaks Yoruba and enjoys cooking, playing intramural basketball, graphic designs, and producing music.


Mwia Mutua, M.D.
Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine

While attending medical school, Mwia dedicated some of her time to various volunteer efforts. She helped raise funds for the construction of a new medical student residence and after that she devoted some of her time volunteering with the Women of Means organization where she provided medical care for women and their children who were living in shelters. Working with that Women of Means organization helped her to understand the different factors that can contribute to poor health and learn how to effectively treat a patient as more than just a number but as a person. As a third year resident she has fostered many relationships with her patients and this trust and understanding has helped her grow as a physician. Mwia enjoys reading, cooking, jogging, dancing, Pilates and yoga.


Alain Tagne Nouemssi, M.D.
Medical School: Faculté de Médecine et des Sciences de la Santé

Born in Cameroon, Alain had a desire to help those in need. He worked hard in to earn his degree so that he could give back to his home town as a primary care physician. Before coming to the United States, Alain used his experience as a physician to help residents in different communities that could not afford healthcare and also to those who were in dire need of medical assistance.  He also worked on several campaigns that addressed various infectious diseases such as Malaria, Poliomyelitis and others as well as educate the residents on the importance of vaccinations. Before leaving medical school, he was the co-author on an article that investigated severe obstetrical morbidity.


Rosanna Perretta, M.D.
Medical School:  Stony Brook University School of Medicine

A year after completing medical school, Rosanna worked as a House Call Physician where she provided physical examines at the patients' home and educated each patient on preventive screening, vaccinations and medication options. She is currently finishing up her third year of residency at Saint Joseph’s Medical Center. Rosanna can converse well in both Italian and Spanish/Spanish Creole. She has a passion for technology, healthcare reform, tennis, painting, reading and interior decorating.


Fadi Sayegh, M.D.
Medical School: Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara Facultad de Medicina

While attending medical school, Fadi spent some time volunteering at the local Red Cross in Chapla, Mexico helping the residents in that community who could not afford health care.  He also spent a few years volunteering at physicians’ offices gaining experience and working with patients.  Fadi is an advanced speaker in Arabic and can converse well in Spanish/Spanish Creole. He enjoys Running, baking, watching and playing baseball, basketball and football.