Rooms and Amenities at Saint Joseph's


Saint Joseph’s Medical Center is air conditioned and heated for comfort and energy efficiency. Please leave your windows closed. If you would like an extra blanket, please ask your nurse.

Your bed has an electrical control at its side that positions both head and feet for comfort. Your call button, which sounds like a buzzer at the nursing station, is also at your side. Your call will be answered as soon as possible via the intercom in your room.

Cellular Phones

Cellular phones may be used in the Hospital Lobby, Cafeteria and Emergency Department waiting room. Please be sure that all cellular phones are turned off while in all other areas.

Electrical Appliances

Most consumer electrical appliances (e.g., hair dryers, shavers, radios) do not meet the Medical Center’s strict electrical safety standards, and are not permitted in the Medical Center. If you need to use a personal appliance, it must be inspected and approved by the maintenance department. 


Your doctor may order a special diet for you. Subject to limitations indicated by your doctor (such as low fat, low sodium, sugar-or calorie-controlled), you will be given a wide choice of foods for each meal. If permitted by your physician, you may also be offered extra fluids, such as juice, tea or coffee and snacks, by your nursing staff. Menu choices are provide by our dietary staff daily.


Smoking is not permitted in any hospital facility. If you are a smoker, please ask your doctor about smoking cessation programs. Non-smokers heal faster and have a lower risk of lung infections. 

Telephone Service

A family member or friend can arrange bedside telephone service for you with the cashier (on the lobby floor) at any time during your stay. There is a daily fee for this service. To initiate service you will be asked for a deposit and payment in advance for four days of service. After four days, please make arrangements to pay for additional service. If there is a problem or you need assistance, please ask your nurse or ward clerk.

To place a local call, dial 9, followed by the number you are calling. You may make outgoing calls at anytime, but incoming calls will be accepted only until 9:00 p.m. For your health and safety, your visitors should use the coin-operated phones in the lobby or Emergency Room waiting area–not your bedside phone.

To place a long distance call, dial 93–then 0–then 1–plus the area code and the number you wish to call. An operator will ask for your home number or a number to which the call can be charged. Several exchanges in the 718 area code are treated as local calls. Calls to these exchanges will not be charged long distance rates and will not require operator assistance. Please ask the hospital operator if you have a question about an exchange.

To call an extension in the Medical Center, simply dial the four-digit extension (extensions begin with the number 7). Please let your nurse know if you have any difficulty or need assistance with your phone. For the hearing impaired, a TTY/TDD device can be reached by calling (914) 378-7000.

Television Service

Bedside television cable service is available to all patients for free.