Frequently Asked Questions

AS A Foot & Ankle  RESIDENT…


How many other residents train at Saint Joseph’s?

The Saint Joseph’s Foot and Ankle Residency Program is the only surgical residency at Saint Joseph’s Medical Center and works closely with all parts of the Medical Center. Saint Joseph’s also offers family medicine and psychiatry residency programs.


How large is the residency program?

Our three year residency program consists of 2 residents in each year for a total of six residents. We also have one wound care fellow.


What scholarly activities are available?

All residents are required to develop and implement a scholarly activity that may include a performance improvement project or study during their time in the program. This may be done in collaboration with colleagues/faculty and is reviewed by the Saint Joseph’s Medical Center Institutional Review Board (IRB). Residents are given the opportunity to present their work in various forums.


What is life like outside of residency?

The City of Yonkers is rich with diverse cultures and many fine dining options. Yonkers is located in Westchester County, which is home to many recreational parks great for hiking, biking, kayaking, sailing, or even just a relaxing day spent enjoying nature. There are many historical attractions, amusement parks, and seasonal activities for the whole family to enjoy. Not to mention, Yonkers is just minutes north of New York City.


Are residents permitted to moonlight?

While Saint Joseph’s does not necessarily have moonlighting opportunities to offer residents, the program will allow licensed PGY 2/3 residents to moonlight after obtaining approval from the Program Director.