Crisis Respite Center

Staten Island Crisis Respite Center

The Staten Island Crisis Respite Center is a 3 bed respite program located in the West Brighton section of Staten Island. We co-exist within a congregate community housing known as the Harvey Tompkins Residence. We are an innovative and unique alternative to a traditional emergency room or inpatient hospital setting. We assist and support individuals currently dealing with a mental health crisis or experiencing personal stressors stabilize back into their community. We provide a short-term temporary stay in a comfortable, safe and supportive home-like environment with 24 hours/7 days a week supports. 

Our center is fully staffed with certified peer specialists and supervised staff coverage providing groups, community linkages and advocacy, just to name a few. As an alternative to hospitalization, guests are not confined to a building, but can carry on with their lives, whether that includes work, school, or social activities, while at the same time of receiving supports and care they are seeking at the moment. As an effective approach to supporting recovery from behavioral health conditions, the respite is an integral part of New York State’s coordinated crisis response continuum of care.

Criteria for Services:

  • Must be a resident of NYC.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Must have a discharge location to return to prior to admission. Shelter placement is acceptable.
  • Individual is exhibiting symptoms of emotional crisis, or at risk of escalation of psychiatric symptoms that create a risk for impairment of social, emotional, or physical functioning, unable to manage without assistance and support.
  • Individual is seeking an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization or an emergency room. However, the person does not pose an imminent risk to the safety of themselves or others, which would require a higher level of care.
  • Psychiatric inpatient step-downs such as an inpatient hospital stay and would like a soft landing back into the community in a supervised setting.
  • Individual must voluntarily seek and accept our services.
  • Must be medically stable without a medical condition that requires treatment in an acute medical setting.
  • Individual must not need acute detox or a drug rehabilitation setting.


How to make a referral:

Referral and Enrollment Forms can be obtained by calling us at (718) 876-2810 or emailing us at  Please ask to speak with a staff member from the Staten Island Crisis Respite Center.


*Please note that walk-ins are not accepted or encouraged.*