School-Based Rehab

The Saint Joseph's School-Based Rehab Program was established in 1989 and since then has continuously provided occupational and physical therapy to a majority of the students in the Yonkers schools. Our mission is to build qualitative changes that impact the educational and developmental levels of the students we serve. We aim to provide quality care for the students of Yonkers, helping them to meet their full potential and to improve their quality of life.


Our program provides:

  • Occupational and physical therapy direct service intervention which includes services in and out of the classroom
  • Comprehensive occupational and physical therapy evaluations addressing a variety of sensory and neuro-motor areas.
  • Consultation, including classroom modifications, sensory diets, RtI (Response to Interventions) strategies and interventions for the early grades.
  • In-services on the development of sensory processing, handwriting and motor skills.

Our therapists are trained in the latest technology, intervention programs and techniques. We provide direct on-site clinical supervision and are in full compliance with all state and Medicaid education requirements.

Who is served?

Students are referred to the program by the CSE and are in need of physical and/or occupational therapy as a related service to enable them to be able to receive a free and appropriate educational program. Communication regarding follow-up care is provided to teachers and parents regarding each child as part of their intervention. The students who are referred have an "educational disability" and are eligible to receive occupational and/or physical therapy under special education -IDEA Section 504 (part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973) or Section 502. This past school year, our program provided more than 80,900 visits to more than 1,680 students throughout the district.

Who will provide the service?

All physical and occupational therapists are licensed and registered in the state of New York. Occupational therapy assistants (OTAs) work under the direction of a New York State licensed and registered Occupational Therapist (OT). 

All therapists are fingerprinted and a criminal history record check and clearance by the state Education Department are performed prior to them working in the schools. All staff attend annual Medicaid compliance training provided by the school district. 

We currently have 44 therapists (29 OTs, 9 COTAs and 9 PTs) providing physical or occupational therapy services within the district. We have a full-time director who is an OTR, and OT supervisors for the OTAs. Regular supervision is provided to all therapists.

Occupational therapists do not require a medical referral (prescription) unless services are restorative. Physical therapists must have a medical referral before 10 sessions or 30 days occur and are unable to continue treatment without the prescription. If a prescription is not obtained from a student's doctor, PT services will be put on hold until appropriate documentation is received.


Communication is done formally and informally. Informal communication is ongoing between parents, teachers and other school personnel. This communication is in the form of written letters and notes and consults with teachers as well as telephone conversations with parents and notes written back and forth. Formal communication is through quarterly report cards, contemporaneous encounter notes, annual reviews, and initial evaluations. All documentation is in compliance with Medicaid in Education requirements.



Saint Joseph's School-Based Rehab Program
Allison Fisher, MS, OTR/L
(914) 751-0406