Crisis Prevention and Response Team

Serving Westchester County
Call (914) 925-5959
24/7 Telephone Coverage
Mobile Response Monday - Sunday

Walk-in evaluations available 24/7 at St. Vincent's Hospital in Harrison.
Services available in Spanish

What is the Crisis Prevention and Response Team?

The CPRT is an interdisciplinary mobile team of mental health professionals (social workers, a child and family specialist and a psychiatrist). The Team responds to people in the community, usually visiting them at home, although they can be seen elsewhere as well. The team also has offices at Saint Joseph’s Medical Center in Yonkers and at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Harrison. 

Who can request assistance?

The CPRT serves any person in Westchester who is experiencing, or is at risk of, a psychological crisis, and who requires mental health intervention. Links to other community resources and to follow up support are provided as well. The CPRT is usually called by individuals, family members, neighbors, friends, landlords, clergy, school personnel, police or other person(s) concerned about an individual.

What services does the CPRT provide?

CPRT staff provide a range of services including assessment, crisis intervention, supportive counseling, information and referrals, linkage with appropriate community based mental health services for ongoing treatment, and follow up.

Will the CPRT help to arrange for hospitalization?

The Team’s goal is to help people avoid crises and to prevent visits to emergency rooms. By intervening with the individual and family, the emergency room visit or hospital admission can often be prevented. When necessary, the team helps people access community resources that serve as alternatives to hospitalization. When there is truly no alternative to hospitalization, the team offers support in arranging admission.

What other kinds of services does the CPRT provide?

The CPRT works with schools, law enforcement and many agencies in the community to prevent impending crises. The Team assists in outreach to clients who are AOT ordered and who fail to attend outpatient mental health treatment services. The CPRT is part of the network that responds to disasters, offering counseling to disaster victims.

How do you reach the Crisis Prevention and Response Team?

Call the CPRT at (914) 925-5959.